STIGA® NHL Hockey Table

The Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Hockey Table game is NHL licensed and is sold with two NHL teams; Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadians. For a limited time we are sending you Free Florida Sunshine with your order!

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Host your own World Junior Hockey Championships!

From now until Christmas, we are including a free Sweden/Finland pack with every order of the Stiga Playoff Hockey table. A $36 value—free!

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STIGA® Hockey Table Game Stand

With 6 adjustable heights, the STIGA® Hockey Table Game stand is a must have, to experience the real Table Hockey experience!

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Collect all 30 STIGA® NHL Team Packs!

We offer 30 NHL team packs, six international team packs, and eight European team packs which all fit on any Stiga NHL table hockey game and Stiga Play Off game.

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Check out our NEW Purple STIGA® Snowracer!

Zip down the hill in furious speed, controlled by the fantastic Curve Ski System, Colour PRO is designed for speed–and action-lovers.

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Welcome to Having Fun Yet! You’ve reached the website formerly known as We are still the Canadian home of STIGA® Hockey Table game, selling to thousands of Canadians since 1986. Check out our STIGA® products, we have games and toys for everyone to enjoy! Don’t forget we also carry STIGA® replacement parts, should you need them.

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